Back to Canada !

Arrived Pearson Airport, Toronto Wednesday evening, having flown again with Air Transat, who seem pretty good – although amazingly enough the plane didn’t have any screens in the back of the seats + don’t eat the pizza !

Meant I spent most of the flight either sleeping or talking to a very chatty Canadian next to me + flight went fairly quickly and back in beloved Canada, more Travelodge and SUV …


Thought I wasn’t too jet lagged on thursday so I went and picked my car which is great, shame its not a hummer , but that day will come


Friday the jet lag really hit me again and I’ve also had some sort of mild food poisoning so just spent couple of days pottering around Missisuaga (which is the suburb of Toronto where I’m staying) and downtown Toronto itself.

Toronto is a huge city.

You get a really stunning view of it as you come in – you just see the whole city laid out almost like a satellite photograph, block by lock leading right up to Lake Huron.

Before I came out I was wondering if Toronto and where I’m going (which I’m not entirely sure about at the moment) was going to be more east coast than Vancouver, ie west coat + a bit more edgy – I’ll probably have to wait till the journey is over till I really know.

Arriving back felt really special.

I immediately felt a real connection to this country and its lovely people that was very powerful – did wonder if I should have just gone back to Vancouver for a few weeks as being back here really bought back such a good feeling, but I do really want to explore the Atlantic Coast, for numerous reasons, some of them practical !

It really felt as how I remember feeling when I left last year, which is really nice

I know that it says a lot about my little brain that the thing that has excited me most is that my car has a numeric keypad lock on the outside of the drivers door which I have so far resisted using….


Heading off tomorrow towards New Brunswick – will probably stop somewhere the other side of Montreal – have already got lost in Montreal a few years ago and don’t fancy that again, but I have to say looking at a map, the road system round the city looks horrendous.