Bye Bye Canada !

Thought I’d just post a few final thoughts as I get ready to leave.

I feel a real sense of sadness at leaving. I’ve totally fallen in love with this country in a  way that I just didn’t think I would.

I was going to write ‘I’m not quite sure why” almost as if I need to understand the reasons – head + heart again !

Having said that, there are a  few things that really stand out to me.

One is the sheer physical beauty of the land , and the power of the land .

I think going to the Yukon was huge for me in terms of really experiencing the spiritual sense of nature – almost in its purest form, ie impossible to describe in words (or pictures actually) but just something you feel – that  is what makes it so  incredible and frustrating at the same time.

Another is Vancouver itself – sadly I haven’t really spent as much time here as I would have liked, but that’s fairly inevitable given this sort of trip.

It is, however quite special  I think, as a city.

I’m not really  a great ”city” person , especially on travels, but there is a real peace and tranquillity about Vancouver that very rare.

Its a very safe city – you feel very at ease just wandering around, day or night and I thank that says a lot about the nature of the people who live there and actually reflects a broader reason why I think Canada is such a special place.

Which is that Canadians on the whole are a very genuine and natural people.

They seem to incline to trust each other in a way that really reflects itself in the nature of their country.

I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog, much more than I thought I would – I suppose its why people keep diaries, something I’ve never really done – its incredibly therapeutic in its own way.

Right at the end of all the early Bond films, after all the credits, they used to say James Bond will return in Thunderball / Octopussy or whatever the next Bond film was.

Now they just say James Bond will return.

I’m not sure which I prefer, but both give  a sense of security around him coming back and avoiding any sense of finality.

Not wishing to compare myself to the great bond, I do have a real sense of coming back here that isn’t just about avoiding leaving, but for now, sadly it has to be bye bye Canada + thank you.