Canada’s New England


Left Yarmouth day before yesterday, really liking it although a bit touristy …

Had a very American feel to it, which was really nice decided to do drive from Yarmouth to Amherst, sort of in middle of Nova Scotia, which should have taken about 3/4 hours – ended up taking about ten, because I went the scenic route and boy am I glad I did .


Almost every where I went through was like a small New England town, really mellow and slow, but in a very nice way – I just absolutely love the houses, set against one of the most amazing coastlines I’ve ever seen.



(not a great photo cause I couldn’t be bothered to get out of the car)

The second part of the scenic route wasn’t such a good idea, because it was really late + what I wanted to try and get a view of


weren’t there


because the tide was out, as they say !! – but stunning anyway





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