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  • Bye Bye Canada !

    Bye Bye Canada !

    Thought I’d just post a few final thoughts as I get ready to leave. I feel a real sense of sadness at leaving. I’ve totally fallen in love with this country in a  way that I just didn’t think I would.

  • Back in Vancouver

    Back in Vancouver

    Arrived back in Vancouver yesterday evening after a slightly lazy drive up from Seattle, the heatwave departing at the same time as me. Came back via Redmond, corporate HQ of Microsoft which was something I’d always wanted to see.  

  • Seattle


    Currently spending a couple of days in Seattle, which is really nice – a really busy city in the midst of a sort of heatwave – has a lot of water surrounding it as well as mountains which gives it a really nice feel.      

  • Vancouver Island and Back!

    Vancouver Island and Back!

    A few years ago I went to Australia and everyone I knew or met said to me the one thing you must do when you’re out there is go to Tasmania, its an absolutely stunning place. So I did and within a couple of hours of being there i knew it was a mistake, it […]

  • Vancouver Proper

    Vancouver Proper

    Spent the last couple of days mooching around Vancouver itself, which was the reason for my manic dive through Canada last few days, although I could have quite happily spent the time in bed !

  • Vancouver Again

    Vancouver Again

    Arrived in Vancouver this evening after another twelve hour drive. I was quite knackered this morning after yesterdays drive and wasn’t entirely sure it was such a good idea, but amazing what self-will and caffeine can achieve !

  • More Thoughts from the Road

    More Thoughts from the Road

    Thursday evening – now back in Vancouver, almost too tired to write anything, but know I need to  – its  quite a good discipline, this blog  – not that I’m really into self-discipline, rather like character building – passed me by in life ! Arrived in Prince George last night, after another mammoth drive, 12hrs […]

  • On Top of The World, Literally !

    On Top of The World, Literally !

  • On Top of The World

    On Top of The World

  • Final Frontier