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  • Bye Bye Canada !

    Bye Bye Canada !

    Thought I’d just post a few final thoughts as I get ready to leave. I feel a real sense of sadness at leaving. I’ve totally fallen in love with this country in a  way that I just didn’t think I would.

  • Vancouver Proper

    Vancouver Proper

    Spent the last couple of days mooching around Vancouver itself, which was the reason for my manic dive through Canada last few days, although I could have quite happily spent the time in bed !

  • Vancouver Again

    Vancouver Again

    Arrived in Vancouver this evening after another twelve hour drive. I was quite knackered this morning after yesterdays drive and wasn’t entirely sure it was such a good idea, but amazing what self-will and caffeine can achieve !

  • More Thoughts from the Road

    More Thoughts from the Road

    Thursday evening – now back in Vancouver, almost too tired to write anything, but know I need to  – its  quite a good discipline, this blog  – not that I’m really into self-discipline, rather like character building – passed me by in life ! Arrived in Prince George last night, after another mammoth drive, 12hrs […]