Dawson City

Spent most of yesterday doing and not doing  an Open University assignment that I should have finished before coming out here and didn’t, and ended up sitting in Whitehorse trying to remember how spreadsheets worked (not that I really care).

It was slightly , in fact very surreal to be surrounded by the most beautiful scenery on earth and thinking how do I convert rows of cells into logarithm graphs + why do I care !

Anyway I did it, which i suppose is good for character growth I suppose, whatever that is.

Speaking of character growth or building, as I was leaving Whitehorse this morning I was walking down  main street and watching as a  number of kids, probably aged 12 ish, were being tied up with duct tape to various objects.

One was being tied half way up a lamppost, one was being tied to an enormous rubbish bin, one  was being tied half way up the back of an adult – all suspended without any support, but seemingly loving it.

I asked one of the guys why they were doing it and he tried to explain to me that it was something to do with a day camp they were on and they were doing different stuff every day re sort of character building.

I was torn between feeling that it was going to seriously hurt their backs and how refreshing it was to see that sort of thing being done.

Anyway, left Whitehorse for the drive up to Dawson City, about 500k’s and arrived here around seven this evening,

I’m sitting here writing this at 11,30 at night, broad daylight. almost 27c and for some reason a British flag is flying outside my window (how reassuring).

The drive up was again stunning and frustrating for the same reason. I came to the view that wanting to photograph it all is just about wanting to capture the enormity of it all and you just can’t.

The sheer scale of it all makes you want to somehow hold it and capture it. What you need to do is have a good 4/6 months, hire/buy an enormous RV and car in tow and just drive and stop wherever you want.

The Americans have some stunningly big RVs that they drive up to Alaska.

I was asking one guy who was filling his medium size RV with gas how much it took, to which he replied about 75 gallons (my first ever mini took 4 1/2) and he thought it really good that it did about 9 or 10 miles to the gallon, about the same as a Hummer then  – obviously hasn’t heard about running it on vegetable oil !

I’m about to go for a midnight drive in Dawson – apparently it doesn’t get dark here at all – stunning !!