Halifax and Beyond


Spent the last few days in Halifax, which I really liked.

Though I’m not a great city person, sometimes I really take to a town or city, and really took to Halifax, apart from the weather – it, along with that whole coastline, seems to have a permanent mist/fog hanging over it, which does have a slightly downing effect I think.

Its a city of around 350000, which is a good size, big enough not be a small town, but not too big, really nice people.
Amazing amount of history, both ‘colonial’ and as port.

Its still very much a good size working port city and I really like that . It also has about 3 uni’s which give it a lift.

Headed off from Halifax yesterday down to Yarmouth . Went on what should have been a very scenic route, and what I could see of it was fantastic, but mostly it was covered in thick fog – funny, about 30 k’s outside Yarmouth, it just suddenly lifts into the most gorgeous sunshine and country.

Yarmouth , from what little I’ve seen of it, is an absolute gem of a place – really quite small, I think , but very American in feel – has a ferry to Maine , which I had hoped to use, but they are now into their winter schedule, so no sailings that work until next week.

So , now its off to find Fundy !