Hello Nova Scotia


Am in Sydney Nova Scotia, as opposed to Sydney Australia, which I think is where I would rather be at this point in time, though actually its still their winter, so maybe not – very wet, very very foggy and misty, but very beautiful in its own charming way.

Drove down from Truro, which took about four hours, having done the drive from Bathurst the day before.

Decided to do a scenic route for the first part of the journey, which was stunning – very bleak and cold and windswept, with just the power of the sea to be amazed about.


The whole of New Brunswick seems to retain a French character rather than Canadian – what really amazed me was the number of huge churches – there was one in virtually every village I drove through, however small – quite surreal in a way.


I really liked New Brunswick – had a lovely feel to it as a place, and the people were really lovely.

I’m not quite sure what I make of Nova Scotia yet – in fairness to it, I’ve only really seen it through dense fog and rain which persisted through virtually all my drive today – people in Sydney are really nice, very mellow, but quite edgy as well.

The town reminds me a bit of Akron but without the rubber factories !

I really like the North American feel to small towns like this because they’re actually quite big in size although relatively small in population – and they don’t have bus lanes, cctv, congestion charge, speed cameras etc, blah blah blah !

This is what I love about Canada :