Land of The Midnight Sun

Tuesday 26 June

Arrived Whitehorse early evening about six thirty having done a ten hour drive from Burns Lake – drove up the rest of the Cassiar which was ok most of the way, a bit hairy in others.

Maps of the Cassiar show three bits that haven’t yet been upgraded that they call gravel, in fact they’re more like mudslides!

It only occurred to me after I had reached the Alaska Highway, where the road becomes a proper road again – that I had a 4×4 that I could have activated where the highway had become mud – it just didn’t occur to me!

Entered the Yukon, which subtitles itself, The True North of Canada – truly deserved.

Was driving along, literally just going WOW! every couple of minutes. It is much more remote and wild than BC, and feels much more powerful.

A lot of Canada can seem a bit chocatley – box in a way, stunning though it is – its Lakes and Mountains are so many, that you almost become a bit desensitised to them.

The Yukon is quite different, very raw.

The country is very like the south Island of New Zealand in its terrain and mountainous landscape.

The drive was quite long, partly because at times you just have to stop and wonder.

Its probably the most frustrating thing about doing a trip like this, is that I have to drive quite hard to cover the distance I want to, which means looking longing at the land, whilst doing 120k’s an hour!

And stopping where I can. The drive through the Yukon has undoubtedly been the most stunning yet, Ican’t think of a better word than stunning, which is why I use it so much.