More Thoughts from the Road

Thursday evening – now back in Vancouver, almost too tired to write anything, but know I need to  – its  quite a good discipline, this blog  – not that I’m really into self-discipline, rather like character building – passed me by in life !

Arrived in Prince George last night, after another mammoth drive, 12hrs – felt quite worn out but good – the drive had been noticeable for a couple of things.

As soon as I hit Fort st John the whole landscape changed and became much more like Detroit/Michigan.

Just mile after mile after mile of really heavy industrial estates and factories, seemingly endless, and when it did eventually end the road pretty much split between heading to Vancouver and going to Edmonton in Alberta.

Then of course I realised that in fact that whole stretch,whilst still in BC,  was actually heading to Alberta and some really heavy industrial areas. As soon as I was on the road to Vancouver, it turned back to stunningly beautiful mountains/lakes/mountains/lakes etc.

The road split at Dawson Creek (yes it really does exist) which I really wanted to have  a look at, but just didn’t have time.

It felt a bit strange leaving Edmonton, as my original idea had been to go back through Edmonton onto Calgary, down to Montana, over to Seattle and then back to Vancouver, but that was before I discovered the Yukon + Alaska, so something had to give !

As I was checking into my Travelodge in Prince George, I asked the women at the desk what the network password was for my wireless Internet connection – ‘overwork’ was the answer.

I thought of trying to explain why I thought that was quite funny, but was just  too tired !



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