On the Road Proper

Arrived in Bathurst, New Brunswick this evening, hitting a new time zone I hadn’t heard of before, Atlantic time, after a whopping eleven hour drive up from Quebec, straight after a ten hour drive I did the day before from Toronto up to Drummondville, just outside Montreal.

Left Toronto Sunday morning and was glad to be on the road.

The road up to Montreal was virtually all 4/6 lane highway so good for traffic, but did mean I didn’t see a single lake or mountain until this afternoon , which was really weird as you normally see them every five/ten minutes .

Didn’t get lost in Montreal which was a mega achievement, and would have been an absolute nightmare if I had – their road system has to be the most complicated I’ve ever come across in North America – it doesn’t help when their signs, where they have them are just in French.

Everywhere else in Canada, road signs and most things are given in English and French, but not in French speaking Canada, its just French !

A lot of southern Quebec is very industrialized, and it wasn’t till I reached the northern part and especially the St Lawrence seaway, that it really turned spectacular, and I began to think I was really back in Canada proper.

Then I hit new Brunswick just as it was getting dark, saw the beware Moose signs, saw no other traffic for ages and then it really felt like Canada.