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  • True East

    True East


  • Viking Trail 2

    Made a decision to head back south, rather than spend a couple of days up there – there didn’t seem a huge point in hanging around – I thought I’d rather get to St John’s and spend time there instead. It did mean not going to Labrador, but I sort of felt I’d just be […]

  • The Viking Trail That Wasn’t !

    The Viking Trail That Wasn’t !

    Must admit, I fell into the tourist trap a bit of thinking there was a viking experience to be had by following the trail, and whilst it turned out to be very vikingless, there was some breathtaking land that made it very special.

  • Who Am I or Rather Where Am I ?

    Who Am I or Rather Where Am I ?

    Beautiful NewFoundland, that’s where

  • Hi and Welcome

    Hi and thanks for visiting the site

  • Where Sydney meets New Jersey meets Scotland

    Where Sydney meets New Jersey meets Scotland

    Woke up this morning to find this monster outside my bedroom window, well almost.

  • Hello Nova Scotia

    Am in Sydney Nova Scotia, as opposed to Sydney Australia, which I think is where I would rather be at this point in time, though actually its still their winter, so maybe not – very wet, very very foggy and misty, but very beautiful in its own charming way.

  • Hello New Brunswick

    Hello New Brunswick

    I have to admit a large degree of ignorance around all the Atlantic Provinces, not entirely sure what they were, let alone where they were. I did know about the ports of St John and Halifax and I knew the urban myth about a couple going to Sydney Australia, who ended up in Sydney Nova […]

  • On the Road Proper

    On the Road Proper

    Arrived in Bathurst, New Brunswick this evening, hitting a new time zone I hadn’t heard of before, Atlantic time, after a whopping eleven hour drive up from Quebec, straight after a ten hour drive I did the day before from Toronto up to Drummondville, just outside Montreal.

  • Back to Canada !

    Back to Canada !

    Arrived Pearson Airport, Toronto Wednesday evening, having flown again with Air Transat, who seem pretty good – although amazingly enough the plane didn’t have any screens in the back of the seats + don’t eat the pizza ! Meant I spent most of the flight either sleeping or talking to a very chatty Canadian next […]

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