• Travel Blog

    Travel Blog

    Hi – This is a travel blog about Canada I did a few years ago, which I am hoping to re-activate in the very near future ! Thought I’d just explain that I’ve imported two other blogs into this one, one from Typepad and one from Blogware, and whilst it sort of works, it needs […]

  • Thoughts From The Road 2

    Thoughts From The Road 2

    Am conscious that this is somewhat self indulgent, but as I’m largely writing it for my own benefit, I tend to think that’s ok! I thought I was going to have to cheat a bit and do this when I got back to England, but owing to some remarkable efficiency, I’m currently sitting in Pearson […]

  • And Finally …….

    And Finally …….

    Passed loads of really great signs for roads, villages, creeks etc but wasn’t able to stop and photograph them all ..

  • Thoughts from the Road 1

    Thoughts from the Road 1