Thoughts from the Road 1


Can’t believe its three weeks since I arrived – been meaning to do this for the last few days, but only just got round to it.

Its really weird , there seems to have been a tipping point, as there was last year where I go from thinking of myself as a brit abroad , to just feeling totally in love with this country.

Its not so much about the specifics of where I am, its more about a general feel of plugging into a Canadian mindset, there’s something very special here.


When I arrived, I immediately felt very Canadian again, which I think probably was a bit of wishful thinking, but also just realizing that I really just like being here.

I immediately started wondering if I should have just gone back to the west coast, but that was never a serious option.

I did spend the first few days fruitlessly comparing east and west coast, not quite sure why, but the longer I’m here, the more I realize there is a Canadian quality that I love that transcends east / west coast thinking – they are very different, but each has really special qualities of their own.



I didn’t manage to spend any real time in Toronto itself, and I’m going to try and spend a couple of days there just before I fly back.

Newfoundland was just amazing, very very beautiful, quite like the Yukon in many ways, only with people ! – only real nightmare is the ferry.

Did quite a long drive through french speaking Canada, which was very industrialized in parts, and amazingly beautiful in others – I still find it really weird, speaking french in Canada, it just seems a bit surreal.

So far it gets an a+, not that I’m biased ! – its real test is how long the effect will last, when I’m back to reality !