Thoughts From The Road 2

Am conscious that this is somewhat self indulgent, but as I’m largely writing it for my own benefit, I tend to think that’s ok!

I thought I was going to have to cheat a bit and do this when I got back to England, but owing to some remarkable efficiency, I’m currently sitting in Pearson Airport, with about two and a half hours till I fly, so will take advantage.

Can’t believe its five weeks since I arrived. As ever with trips like this, I feel the time I’ve spent here has been timeless, almost – its really weird.

Have loved being here and really getting a feel for the Maritimes. All the provinces have uniquely different feel to them, but all also have a very definite sense of Canada.

Although this trip has been very different to the one I did last year, it has really deepened my love of this country and its people.

It has a very special quality to it – it seems almost classless and at the same time, probably as a consequence, incredibly tolerant as a society. It has a naturalness to it that is in part its land and in part its people.

Although my experience has been very different this year, there is a real sense of sadness, not about coming back to UK ! but at leaving here, which may be a subtle distinction, but to me a very important one for a number of pretty obvious reasons.




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