Thoughts from the Road

Am currently in Fort Nelson BC, having left Whitehorse yesterday morning and done a whopping thirteen hour drive to get here.

Most of the drive was done in pretty foul rain which was quite a good thing in the main as it stopped me looking longingly at the scenery and wanting to stop.

As soon  as the weather cleared my speed and distance covered dropped dramatically!

Still amazed by the number of RV’s on the road.

Driving yesterday, they were just endless, including a convoy of them, I would say about thirty long, that had just stopped on the side of the road, with big signs proclaiming they were heading north to Alaska !

The highlight of my day yesterday was seeing a load of buffalo, grazing on the side of the road. Not sure I’ve  even ever seen a picture of a  buffalo before (I drank some Buffalo milk once which for some obscure reason Waitrose sell + I thought was absolutely revolting) – I thought they looked stunning.

Haven’t yet seen a moose, or been hit by one ! – someone said to me the last time I was in Canada that the most dangerous thing that was ever likely to happen to me was being hit by a sort of flying moose.

I thought he was joking, but actually, given the nature of the land  and the lack of traffic, he might well have been right !

I thought I saw a moose grazing as  I turned  a corner yesterday and got very excited until it turned out to be a horse – would have been a very big moose !