Vancouver Again

Arrived in Vancouver this evening after another twelve hour drive.

I was quite knackered this morning after yesterdays drive and wasn’t entirely sure it was such a good idea, but amazing what self-will and caffeine can achieve !

Fairly uneventful drive, other than again the dramatic change in scenery, leaving Prince George. Virtually not a mountain or lake insight, but just beautifully kept houses and lawns, with a magical mix of green and red trees, very much like Vermont in the fall.

Then again after about three/four hundred k’s, it totally changed again into this vast, arid desert like terrain, very mountainous, but with virtually no green anywhere, outside temp was  39c.

Really glad to arrive back here. Am staying at the same Travelodge I booked into when I arrived, and it felt quite strange arriving back, as if I’ve done a circuit, which I sort of have, at least done about 8000 k’s.

It also hit me that I’ve only got about another week or so before I leave and I felt a real sense of loss just at the realization I would be leaving soon.

I’ll do a post on my thoughts about Canada in the next day or so, but suffice to say that I have totally fallen in love with the country in a way that I just didn’t expect, which given that I have been here before, though not to BC, does somewhat surprise me.