Vermont in the Fall


It is now technically ‘the fall’ something to do with equinox’s apparently !

Decided to do the drive from Amherst, New Brunsswick to St Johnsbury, Vermont, but seriously miscalculated how far it was and what I thought would take me about six/seven hours ended up taking about twelve.

The trek took me to to Saint John, Nova Scotia which I was quite keen to see, and glad to rush through – and onto Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont – I’d been to southern Vermont a couple of times but not the rest and was quite keen to see it – what a mistake.

It felt really weird driving through Maine, wasn’t quite sure why and I was so knackered by the time I reached St Johnsbury that I wasn’t really trusting my gut feeling that it felt strange.

Missed a major pile up by not that long, and then saw my first moose about two minutes later, all in pitch black, and then realized why canadians don’t joke about moose ! – it was huge.

The next day explored St Johnsbury and surround, and realized why it was so creepy – to overgeneralize, it was real redneck stuff – overheard some really unpleasant racist stuff, it was all very military, flags everywhere – felt very white supremicist + frankly couldn’t wait to get out.

Southern Vermont was better in that sense, but still bit weird – It wasn’t till I left today and got to Upstate New York did it really feel like ‘normal America’ – really nice, generous people and stunning country.

Am currently in Niagara, where I have been a couple of times before but haven’t seen the falls at night before , and I must say they are truly stunning – pics of Vermont and Falls