Viking Trail 2


Made a decision to head back south, rather than spend a couple of days up there – there didn’t seem a huge point in hanging around – I thought I’d rather get to St John’s and spend time there instead.

It did mean not going to Labrador, but I sort of felt I’d just be going for the sake of it, and maybe its one of those areas that needs a trip in itself !

Absolutely the right decision, although not a huge one, but always a good thing ! – the drive back down the west coast was fine, although quite wet which always has the advantage of meaning that you don’t want to stop every five minutes and go wow !

Once back in sort of central Newfoundland, it really felt like Canada proper, land wise – just full of mountains and lakes, mountains and lakes ….. quite stunning .

Stopped off in Grand Falls, Windsor  which I would have liked to explore a bit but was too knackered – it was the second six hundred k drive in a row and really beginning to feel it.


Did the journey to St John the next day, yesterday, which was absolutely amazing, but third day in a row of really long drives, about four hundred k, which doesn’t sound a lot by North American standards, but on these roads its quite heavy.

Well worth doing, but felt pretty shattered when I arrived here yesterday.

Drove through Terra Nova national park, which was really nice + like a lot of this trip just triggers a lot of insurance related memories (maybe there’s a moral there)


Really like St John – its got a really nice feel to it, beautiful day today which I’m going to take advantage of, given that were due to be hit by whats left of the hurricane, now tropical storm Hanna – not sure what the difference is, but guess I’ll find out sometime tomorrow evening !