Where Sydney meets New Jersey meets Scotland

Woke up this morning to find this monster outside my bedroom window, well almost.


I find the idea of a cruise itself a nightmare, but find cruise ships themselves compelling – their size and sheer power is impressive.


This one, full of very unhappy looking Americans, was up from New Jersey, next stop Quebec – not quite sure why they stopped in Sydney.

Much as I like it, there’s not an awful lot here, but its obviously a well worn tourist route given their reception and local stalls etc – for some reason they had a bloke playing the bagpipes as everyone disembarked.

Nova Scotia has a huge Scottish influence and culture, so I can understand it from that point of view, but I’ve never associated the Americans as having an affinity with the Scots as they do with say the Irish, maybe I’m being too deep about it !


The harbor also has this huge violin as a sort of welcoming sight where the ships arrive


Not quite sure why – would have preferred it to be a saxophone !