Whitehorse 2

Whitehorse is a really nice place – not entirely what I was expecting, not sure what I was expecting !

An old mining town, also capital of the Yukon and really quite modern in many ways.

Its main industry is tourism, unsurprisingly, which is pretty active from mid May – mid September, in the summer its still daylight at sort of 12.30/1.oc (last night)

I’m not sure how much later it gets, but its pretty impressive having real proper daylight at midnight – the downside is that during winter it can get down to -55c and you can get about I hour of daylight a day (talk about SAD)

Am here for a couple of days – big decision is where to go next!

I quite wanted to get into Alaska, problem is if I do that  I’m not really going to have time to do Vancouver+Vancouver Island which I really want to do.

Decided to go up to Dawson City on Thursday, which is almost as far north within the Yukon as you can go, might pop into Alaska just for the sake of it.

Dawson City was + is still  the Gold Rush (as is this whole area) which I hadn’t realised at all.Will be interesting to see it – apparently there is still a lot of mining being done by companies as well as people.

This whole area is awash with history of the gold rush and the aboriginal people who live here.



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