Who Am I or Rather Where Am I ?


Beautiful NewFoundland, that’s where

Arrived by ferry about eleven last night, and then had a two and a half hour drive to get to Corner Brook, where I am staying, which is pretty stunning


Ferry crossing was a bit of a nightmare – should have left at nine thirty in morning, eventually left at about four in the afternoon, with a six and a half hour crossing – absolute rust bucket of a boat which I quickly realised I used to insure, in a previous life ! (didn’t fill me with confidence)


but looks good on the outside, which is what matters !


The one upside of ferry delay was that it let me explore North Sydney, which I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise – very small town, very different to Sydney itself.

Sydney was a bit redneck but of a “canadian ‘ nature, North Sydney much more free and easy, lot of retirees, very cheap housing – cheapest house I found was about $25000 – still obsess about property prices, even when abroad, not quite sure why !

Beautiful bit of the coast, and I would guess benefits substantially from having through traffic from the ferry which stops it becoming too isolated.


Am planning to head north/east ? up to the top bit of the island, along what is known in tourist circles as the Viking route, following in the footsteps of the vikings apparently – yeah right !

Also plan to get over to Labrador, briefly !

There’s a ferry about two thirds of the way up which goes over and takes about an hour or so, so I’ll probably do it as a day trip .

Although there is a Labrador highway, only the first 80 k’s are pavement (tarmac) with the rest of what is actually a very long road, being gravel.

Although its touted as being driveable, my experience at Chicken last summer has made me slightly more wary about the reality of stuff like that, but we’ll see !!